45 Things to do with the kids at home during self-isolation

March 23, 2020

So if you have just begun to self-isolate with the kids at home and you are ALREADY running out of things to do to keep them entertained in the house, then we may just have some top tips to help out.


Not all of these will suit everyone but we can only hope it helps you in this incredibly difficult time ahead.


So here we have it – 45 things that you can do with the kids to help pass the time…


1 – Mark out a race track on the kitchen floor (make sure you don’t damage the floor)

2 – Organise the cook books in the kitchen in colour order (to add a rainbow of colour)

3 – Make decorative bookmarks so you can mark the kids favourite recipes

4 – Let the kids pick recipes from the cook book to plan out the meals ahead

5 – Create a den under the kitchen table using bed sheets

6 – Do some leaf rubbings

7 – Make paper aeroplanes

8 – Play a board game

9 – Get any boxes you have and make a ‘Wild Wild West’ Cowboy Town

10 – Create a paper chain and see how long you can make it

11 – Play Simon Says (You can use this as a good way of getting them to do exercise)

12 – Create musical instruments using rice and an empty jar

13 – Learn how to bake bread (and then make some bread).

14 – Keep a balloon in the air as long as possible

15 – Do a mini gym workout (you can merge this with Simon Says)

16 – Create movie posters based on the kids favourite movies

17 – Listen to an audio book

18 – Have a kids ‘afternoon tea’ with cake (and some meltingly delicious fudge)

19 – Take apart an old electrical device (one that doesn’t work anymore) so that the kids can see how it works

20 – Potato Paintings – lots and lots of potato paintings

21 – Create a family tree

22 – Become a newsreporter. Create a fake news story and interview the family like they were ‘witnesses’.

23 – Paint the kids nails and have a beauty appointment.

24 – Use Video chat like Skype and Face Time to have a catch up with the kids Grandparents/Family Friends

25 – Homework (just because school is shut doesn’t mean they should stop learning)

26 – Create a new game from scratch (let the kids imagination run wild)

27 – Make a box fort using any larger boxes you may have in the home

28 – Get the christmas tree lights out from the loft and decorate the living room (and have a disco party)

29 – Write letters to loved ones (a bit like when you send family postcards on holiday)

30 – Do some science experiments (there are loads you can find online using everyday at home items)

31 – Bake a cake and add some meltingly delicious fudge to it

32 – Play shopkeeper

33 – If you are creating a play shop, then you can use that to your advantage and have a Spring Clean of the kitchen cupboards

34 – Do a ‘fashion walk’ using grown-up clothes (it will be hilarious)

35 – Using oild toilet roll cardboard tubes, create dolls resembling the whole family

36 – Plant some seeds so that the kids can monitor the growth over Spring and into Summer

37 – Make some origami animals

38 – Put on a sock puppet show

39 – Create a sensory shaker using a cleaned out bottle, glitter and water

40 – Build a really really tall tower using Jenga pieces

41 – Press flowers with a heavy book or ceate homemade perfume using flowers in the garden

42 – Measure each others height, arm length etc

43 – Become ‘professional’ photographers using all the filters and effects on your phones camera

44 – Create a time capsule to mark your Self Isolation time during Coronavirus

45 – Set up a line of dominos and know them over

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