A Special Offer for you

February 22, 2021 discount offers on our handmade fudge

We have a special offer for those who love Meltingly Delicious, handmade Butter Tablet and Macaroon Bars.

Our butter tablet bars are the definition of ‘melt in the mouth’ while our Macaroon bars are one of the all time classic Scottish confectionery treats.

And while both are 30x85g bar packs would normally be available for £20 each.  We are now offering them at a special sale price of just £15 per box.  And the offer doesn’t stop there.

If you either can’t decide whether you want a box of Butter Tablet or Macaroon bars, you can get both for the combined prices of £20.  What a saving!

So if you are looking for the soft, sweet and creamy flavour of Butter Tablet bars, click here.

And if you prefer the sweet creamy flavour of Macaroon covered in chocolate and toasted coconut then click here.

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