The perfect way to say thank you

August 8, 2019

There are times when you need to say thank you.  Thank you for looking after my dog while I was away.  Thank you for watering the flowers.  And in this instance, thank you for being so nice to my daughter.


One of the Gardiners of Scotland teams daughter is finishing Nursery this week before moving onto School next week.  While it is a big step for her, it see a line being drawn on one of the big parts of her early life as after three and a half years at the local nursery, Friday is her final day.


The parents wanted to get the small Nursery staff team a little something to say thank you as they had all been so great to their daughter over the years.  But what to get?  It had to be something that they could all share.

So a short discussion in the office and the answer became pretty clear pretty quickly.  What better way to say thank you than with a ‘Thank You’ gifting tin >>>.

This beautiful gifting tin say exactly what it means to.  Filled with delicious handmade fudge, it is the perfect little something that the nursery team can share amongst themselves and the added bonus – the decorative tin can then be used as a handy storage vessel for all sorts of knick knacks at the nursery for years to come.


So if you have a thank you to give to someone soon – what better way of saying it than with a tin of meltingly delicious fudge that just so happens to say it for you.


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