Our Top 5 Christmas Feeling Fudges

The real countdown for Christmas has begun and we are incredibly excited.

It may not snow as much as it used to and Christmas is indeed a lot more commercial than it once was but there is still so much to love about Christmas. From the amazing food on the day to the warmth of a roaring winter fire.

But at Gardiners, we are fudge confectionery experts and during one of our many conversations about fudge in the office, a question popped up.  What is the most Christmassy (we know it is not a real word) tasting fudge that we make?

A great question, even if we do say so ourselves. And one we felt we needed to answer.

So, after much debate, here are our top five favourite fudges that will make you feel like it is Christmas Day already.  We should note – this is not a top five in order (that would be nigh on impossible to decide). This is simply our top 5 favourite flavours of fudge that help us to get into the Christmas Spirit.  And as always, our fudge is made by hand to our own secret recipe in the heart of Scotland to create a truly meltingly delicious fudge.


Choice Number 1

Tree of Gifts Clotted Cream Fudge

We start with an obvious choice. Clotted Cream Fudge. Our hand made clotted cream fudge is incredibly smooth, sweet and luxurious. And it comes in a beautiful decorative Christmas Tin. This would be a perfect little treat to tuck into while you wait for the turkey to be ready.

Choice Number 2

Cranberry & Blueberry Christmas Fudge

Cranberry and Blueberry flavour combines to create a truly loved handmade fudge. When we were discussing Christmas Fudge, this was one of the first flavours we all agreed had to go on the list.
Decorated in an appropriately festive Carton. A perfect winter warmer this Christmas.

Choice Number 3

Christmas Malt Whisky Fudge

We may be biased as a Scottish based company but for those that love the smooth flavours of a Malt Whisky at Christmas – this will be a real winner for you. Is there a better way to finish off your Christmas Dinner than with a warm cup of coffee and a wee Whisky Fudge on the side.

Choice Number 4

Caorunn Scottish Gin Fudge

Ah the classic Gin & Tonic. What a great pre dinner drink to have on Christmas Day. With our Caorunn Gin flavour, you can treat yourself with one of the very best Gin Fudge on the planet.

Choice Number 5

Baileys Fudge

Our Baileys Fudge only just became available at the beginning of the year and for so many of you who enjoy a Baileys at Christmas, this simply wasn’t available last year. But now it is and it is little wonder why it is on our list. Luxurious BAILEYS® Original Irish Cream Liqueur in a meltingly delicious luxurious Fudge.

While this may be our top 5 favourite Christmas Flavours, we have so many meltingly delicious options to try that it can be difficult to know which one to go for first.

But whether you are looking for a Christmas Present for a loved one, a stocking filler or just a wee treat for yourself this Festive Period, we are sure you will find it here in our Christmas Collection…