Gift Shops

From Museums to Zoos.  Art Galleries to local boutique stores.  The gift shop is a favourite for so many across the country.

But what do you fill your gift shop with?  A diverse and interesting range is always going to help increase your sales and turnover.  And what better way to add a diverse new addition to your range than with meltingly delicious handmade fudge.  At Gardiners, we are a family owned manufacturer of handmade fudge, tablet, toffee and other sweet confectionery.  And they all come in a range of beautiful decorative themed gifting tins and decorative carton designs that are both beautiful to look at and can be a great sales tool in themselves.

While the range of gift shops in the UK is incredibly diverse; so to is our range of themed packaging designs.  From decorative tins that are perfect for animal themed zoos, aquariums and petting zoos to historically significant figures and tourist hotspot locations.  You are sure to find more than a few perfect themed designs that fit your unique gift shop needs.

And if you would like to know more about our range and how we can become a new addition in your git shop, simply fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page and one of our team can be in touch to answer any and all questions you may have about our meltingly delicious handmade confectionery.

A sample selection of our range that are perfect for Gift Shops.

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