The History of Fudge

There are few things as smooth and meltingly delicious as handmade fudge from Gardiners; but what is the history of fudge?  Where did it come from?


While the creation of fudge (in the history books) is a bit fuzzy, the first mentions of the sweet confectionery began appearing in journals and diaries towards the end of the 19th Century.  And while many would assume that fudge originated in the UK, it is actually a creation from America!!!

The original recipes for fudge was famously delicate with precise measurements and cooking times required to create the sweet and smooth end product.

And that is where Gardiners comes in.  Our very own traditional recipe for fudge follows the basic guidelines of that original recipe that came out of America in the 1880’s but we have incorporated our own style and process to create the world renowned fudge that we call our own.  Coupled with the soft Scottish waters, it creates a truly unique fudge flavour.

And that is why we are so proud to tell the world that our fudge is made to our very own traditional recipe.  Using the very best ingredients from Scotland and made by hand to create an achingly smooth and meltingly delicious fudge that is loved all over the world.
Our fudge range comes in a whole selection of flavours from traditional vanilla flavoured fudge to whisky infused varieties right up to sweet summer fruit variations like our truly delicious Strawberries and Cream Flavoured Fudge.

While fudge was created in America, we feel pretty confident that with the finest Scottish ingredients, Gardiners Fudge is truly one of the best in the world.