Our Top 10

Not sure what is the best fudge flavours or tin designs to get?  Let us help you with our top 10.


We know that it can be a bit difficult to decide.  We have to go through it all the time in the Gardiners office and we work here.  What flavour of fudge should I go for?  Should I go for a simple yet irresistable vanilla fudge, the bedrock of what make Gardiners who they are.  Or should I break out from the pack and go for something a bit more wild – like our Vimto Fudge.  What is the best fudge to go for?  And is the best fudge the right fudge for me?


If you can’t decide which delicious flavour or tin of our handmade fudge to get then maybe this will help. Below is our top 10 best selling handmade fudge treats. It is constantly being updated based on what our customers are buying.  So when you see the top ten best fudges below, that isn’t us just trying to sell specific ranges.  This is the products that our customers keep coming back for – again and again.

And of course, it wouldn’t be Gardiners if it wasn’t all made by hand to our own traditional recipe in the heart of Scotland. Enjoy….