Month: February 2020

February 24, 2020 fudge pancakes recipe

A Delicious Fudge Pancake Recipe

So Tuesday the 13th of February 2024 is Shrove Tuesday.  And while many of you may be rushing out to buy chocolate spread, syrup etc, may we suggest an alternative…Vanilla Fudge Pancakes!!! Vanilla Fudge Pancakes This soft, sweet and meltingly delicious fudge pancake recipe will go down a storm with kids and grownups alike. Ingredients […]

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February 19, 2020

A tasty Banana and Fudge Loaf

Okay so let us paint the picture… have a tin of our meltingly delicous vanilla fudge but you have decided NOT to just eat it all on its own (I know – crazy right!!).  Anyway, in this ludicrous scenario, what would you do with some of the fudge.  Well, why not make a Banana Bread […]

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