Bourbon Whiskey Fudge

If you have never experienced the unique flavours of Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey then you are in for a treat.


Jim Beam Whiskey has been around for over 200 years with a bourbon flavour that is unique.  Every drop of Jim Beam is aged twice as long as bourbon rules require to give a true Kentucky Straight flavour.  With characteristic aromas of vanilla and honey, Jim Beam is a perfect partner for our very own handmade Scottish fudge.

To add to the mystery of yet another meltingly delicious addition to the Gardiner fudge range, here are four Jim Beam facts that help make it such a unique American brand.

1 – Bourbon needs to be at least 51% corn to create its unique sweet flavour.  That is what marks out a bourbon over Tennessee Whiskey, Canadian Whisky and our own home made Scotch Whisky.

2 – Bourbon is 100% American.  It is America’s native spirit.  It can’t say Bourbon on the label unless it is distilled and aged in America.

3 – With Bourbon, you are not allowed to add anything apart from water to it.  While other whisky types may add flavourings and colours, you can only add water to Bourbon and that is generally done to bring it down to proof.

4 – Bourbon must be aged in new barrels.  While you hear about Scotch Whisky being aged in Sherry Casks and older Bourbon casks, Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey is aged exclusively in new barrels.

So you can see why we are so excited to be able to offer this beautifully smooth and delicious Bourbon Whiskey as an infused flavour in our very own handmade fudge.
If you like Bourbon Whiskey and you love meltingly delicious fudge then our Jim Beam Bourbon Fudge is the perfect present, gift, treat, indulgence…. for any occasion.