Scottish Fudge

Scottish Fudge is world renowned for being a smooth and delicious fudge sweet confectionery that comes in all manner of flavours.

But what is the history of Scottish Fudge (or as the Americans like the call it – Scotch Fudge)?

While we can’t comment on other Scotch Fudge manufacturers in Scotland, our fudge recipe can be traced back to the traditional recipe that first came out of America (who are the original creators of Fudge).  Gardiners Scottish Fudge follows the basic guidelines of that original recipe from the 1880’s but we have introduced our very own style and recipe technique to make what we feel is truly a meltingly delicious fudge that really is one of the best fudge sweets in the world.


But what makes our Scottish Fudge so tasty and so unique?

We can boil it down to three things.  Firstly, the soft Scottish water that flows by our factory in the heart of Scotland.  In the same way that Scottish water makes our local whisky so unique, so too does the water that we use to make our Fudge.

Secondly, the other Scottish ingredients that we use to make our fudge.  They are all selected for the maximum flavour.  We always ensure that we use the very best ingredients to guarantee that all of our Scottish fudge is truly and memorably delicious.

And finally there is our secret recipe.  It is easy enough to say that our recipe is a secret but when it has been passed on through the generations of the Gardiners family, you know it is something that little bit extra special, and if you don’t believe us then you will have to simply try some to find out for yourself (you won’t be disappointed).

While fudge as we know it was created in America, we feel pretty confident that by using the finest Scottish ingredients, Gardiners Fudge is truly one of the best in the world.

At Gardiners of Scotland, whether you are looking to treat yourself, searching for the ideal gift for a loved one or  something a bit more specific, we have a fantastic range of Scotch Fudge in a great selection of gifting and presentation tins and cartons.


Scottish Fudge