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Self Indulgent Treats

There is nothing wrong with having a wee self indulgent treat every once in a while.  After all, modern life can be tough.

clotted cream and chocoalte fudge

So when you need a little treat to reward yourself for a hard days work, we have the perfect meltingly delicious treat.

How does Belgian Chocolate Fudge with Sea Salt sound?  Or Chilli Fudge?  And how about our Meltingly Delicious Strawberries & Cream Flavoured Fudge?  Theses are just a few of our meltingly delicious flavours that those who enjoy a self indulgent treat every once in a while can tuck into.

We have so many meltingly delicious flavours of handmade Scottish Fudge that you will be spoilt for choice so browse away and treat yourself. You deserve it.

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