If you are missing Wimbledon, we may have something to help…

July 1, 2020

So with the Coronavirus Pandemic having caused the cancellation of the 2020 Wimbeldon Tennis Tournament, there will be many of you out there who are missing their annual treat of strawberries and cream.

While we may not be able to do much about the Tennis (mainly because we aren’t particularly god at tennis here in the Gardiners office), we can help out with the strawberries and cream.

‘But you don’t sell strawberries’ we hear you cry.  True.  But we do make a meltingly delicious strawberries and cream flavoured fudge.  Handmade in the heart of Scotland using only the finest ingredients.

So if you are needing a treat to get over the lack of the Lawn Tennis tournament then treat yourself to some Strawberries & Cream Handmade Fudge here >>>

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