The history of Rum & Raisin

September 6, 2019

So yesterday in the Gardiners office, we all had that Friday feeling.  So much so that a couple of us forgot that it was infact actually Thursday.


So to get over that crushing disappointment, we decided to cheer ourselves up by cracking open a wee carton of Gardiners meltingly delicious scottish fudge.

But considering we have ready access to the entire stock range of fudge, what should we go for.  Through a passing comment about ice cream the other day, we decided to open a carton of our Rum & Raisin Scottish Fudge.

Meltingly Delicious – Yes

A classic flavour – Yes

But where did Rum & Raisin first come from.  A dig onto the internet using a well known search engine that sounds like yoogle showed us that it is an old fashioned flavour that has its roots in Sicily where it is known as Malaga.  While the Sicilians were the first to create this amazing combination, they used local wine instead of Rum.  It was thanks to America that the wine was replaced with Rum and a legend was born.

So there you go.  We got to treat ourselves and make Thursday go a bit faster AND we learnt an important history lesson that will prove vital should we enter a pub quiz OR need to impress someone with out knowledge of historically significant flavours of meltingly delicious fudge!


And is this has made you yearn for the smooth flavour of Gardiners handmade Scottish fudge then you can check out our Rum & Raisin fudge here >>>

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