Welcome to Monday….

July 8, 2019 clotted cream fudge sweets

It is the start of another working week (sigh). But if you are looking at the week as another 5 days before freedom and the weekend then what you really need to do is treat yourself.

At Gardiners, we make delicious handmade fudge to our own traditional Scottish fudge recipe. With each piece of fudge individually wrapped, Gardiners fudge makes for the perfect little treat. What better way to get through the week than with an occasional piece of Clotted Cream Fudge? Or if you are only just breaking free of the grip of chocolate addiction, then maybe some Chocolate Fudge can help you move onto better tasty treats.

At Gardiners, we produce a huge variety of flavours of fudge that come in beautifully designs cartons and tins that make them the perfect gift or special treat to help you get through the week.


Enjoy.  And remember, by the time you have finished reading this – you are already a little bit closer to the weekend.

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