What to do with your meltingly delicious fudge

June 3, 2021 fudge pancakes recipe

If you are looking for suggestions with what you can do with your pieces of meltingly delicious fudge from Gardiners, the most obvious choice is to eat it and enjoy the smooth flavours that have made our fudge such a success the world over.

sweet treats made better with fudge

However…..if you are looking for other suggestions on what to do with your pieces of heaven then we have a few suggestions for you.


Vanilla Fudge Pancakes

We have shared a recipe for this before and let’s be honest.  Who doesn’t love pancakes?  Whether it is a Sunday morning breakfast treat or and after dinner delight, we have had a fair few customers come back to us thanking us for the recipe – they are that good!


Fudge Ice Cream

For some, making ice cream is their go to special thing.  For others, they just want to take their dessert to a whole new level.  So if you like the idea of taking your ice cream to a new level, sprinkle some fudge over it.  Not convinced?  How about this.  Vanilla Ice Cream with a sprinkling of our very own Malt Whisky flavoured fudge.  Convinced yet?  Thought so.  You are welcome.


Chocolate Fudge Cake

Can you improve on Chocolate Cake?  Of course you can.  By adding some meltingly delicious fudge cubes into the mix.  What flavour of fudge you go for is entirely up to you.  And adding a few cubes or shavings of fudge on the top of the cake is only going to add to the visual delight.


Next to your coffee

A warm cup of coffee is made even more special with a sweet treat next to it.  And what sweeter treat is there than a cheeky piece of fudge.  With so many flavours of fudge, it’s not like you have to stick with one.  You can mix and match, experiment and refine.  If you are having a diner party then what better way to finish off with a lovely coffee matched with a Whisky flavoured fudge.


And there you go.  Four meltingly delicious tips and suggestions on what you can do with your meltingly delicious handmade Scottish Fudge.  You are welcome.

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